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How to Dress Like a Rock Star

The Rock n Roll look is effortlessly cool, its grunge and chic at the same time, and focuses on making a statement with your fashion. Dressing like a rock star requires imagination and dedication to looking ridiculously cool – think you can pull it off? Here are a few fail-safe ways to transform look:

Band Tees

Somewhat synonymous with the rock n’ roll era, the band tee is both a timeless cry of devotion to your favourite band and an easy way to inject the rock star element into any outfit. Coupled with some distressed denim, skin-tight black wet-look leggings, or even a cute maxi skirt: the band tee immediately creates the rock look, no matter what it’s paired with. Check these out for some inspiration.

The Hair

If bright green Mohawks don’t really do anything for you, gone are the days when hair dye was straight-up permanent. Hair Chalk is a revolution – you can add as much or as little colour as you’d like, without the commitment (and huge salon bills) of dying your hair. Hair chalk only lasts a couple of days at the most and is inexpensive, and most of all, a lot of fun!

If you are looking for a more permanent look, a great addition to the rocker look is the ombre trend that seems to be everywhere right now! Ombre, or dip-dying, is the gradual changing of hair colour from shaft to ends. Any colour combination imaginable is possible – and with your hair enough of a rocker statement itself throwing together the rest of the look will be a piece of cake!


If I were to say “rocker” to someone, chances are they will have a pretty good indication of what kind of fashion this would look like. Think hard and soft mediums together, a combination of blacks and metals with bright, full colours like yellow and pink. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ear cuffs – you can paint a pretty good picture in your head of the type of fashion jewelry rockers love!

Rocker-style fashion jewellery is all about fun and self expression!

Textures and Materials

It’s no secret that the rock-star look for both guys and girls is very much centred around leather, denim, metals and the colour black. So what do you get if you put all of these elements together? A kick ass rocker look, that’s what. The one big fundamental for any rock-star wardrobe is the quintessential leather jacket. Here is one of my favourites jackets for the girls.

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Winged eyeliner and bright lips are a must! This look goes fantastic with the sometimes OTT fashion jewelry rockers love. If you have an unsteady hand (like most mere mortals) there are plenty of tutorials online for the perfect rock look winged eyeliner. Couple a smoky winged eye with a purple or red lip and you’re in business! These are some of our favourite looks:

Denim and Boots

If you don’t think you can rock tight leather pants – and let’s face it, most of us can’t – the distressed denim look is the way to go. Denim jeans, light or dark, look amazing when they’re distressed, ripped and torn and go perfect with an oversized band tee and a leather jacket. Throw the outfit together with a pair of brown or black leather ankle boots and your rock star look can’t fail! And we all know, you can never go past the perfect pair of black Doc Martens. Check these out:

Remember – the most important thing in styling your rock star self is to be you. Fashion is about expression and having fun. You ARE a rock star, regardless of how you wear it.

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